Areas of Teaching Expertise
Contemporary Theories of Reasoning, Rhetoric and Argumentation

Courses covering modern classics (New Rhetoric, Perelman/Olbrechts-Tyteca, Toulmin) and contemporary developments (Pragma-dialectics, Formal Dialectics, Informal Logics, Fallacy Theory, Persuasion)

Classes taught:

Argumentation and Debate  - Northeastern University           [ Details ]  
Legal Argumentation  - Northeastern University                     [ Details
Persuasion and Rhetoric  - Northeastern University               [ Details ]

George Campbell: The Philosophy of Rhetoric  - University of Tübingen
Einführung in die pragma-dialektische Argumentationstheorie  [Introduction to Pragma-dialectics] - University of Tübingen
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Rhetorical Training, Argumentation and Debate

Courses covering the theory and practice of applied rhetoric including Argumentation and Critical Questions, Public Speaking, Debate and other formats of competitive rhetorical and dialectical training

Classes taught:

Public Speaking - Northeastern University                                     [Details]
Social Movements Communication   - Northeastern University

Kunstvoll Streiten: Disputation  [Dialectical Skills Training: Modern Disputation] - University of Tübingen 
Systematik der rhetorischen Übungslehre  [Systematics of Rhetorical Training] - University of Tübingen 
Probleme der Gesprächstrainerausbildung  [Challenges in the Education of Dialogue Trainers] - University of Tübingen
Probleme der Rhetoriktrainerausbildung  [Challenges in the Education of Speech Trainers] - University of Tübingen

Rhetorik und Debatte  [Rhetoric and Debate] - Furtwangen University 
Rhetorik, Argumentation und Debatte  [Rhetoric, Argumentation and Debate] - University of Halle 
Agonale Rhetorik  [Competitive Rhetoric] - Leuphana University of Lüneburg
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Classical Rhetoric and History of Rhetoric

Courses covering the classical rhetorical theory and practice in the Greek (Plato, Aristotle, Sophists, Hermagoras) and Roman (Cicero, Auctor ad Herennium, Quintilian) period as well as medieval and early modern (Campbell, Whately, Ortloff, Peirce) theorists and developments

Classes taught:

Classical Rhetoric - Northeastern University               [Details]

Aristoteles: Topik  [Aristotle: Topics] - University of Tübingen 
Die antike Statuslehre als Schule der Argumentation  [Classical Stasis Theory as Technique for Argumentative Education] - University of Tübingen
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