Core Competencies in Rhetorical and Dialectical Training
Dialogue & Effective Conversations

  • Effectively facilitate and productively structure a conversation
  • Overcome psychological resistance of the dialogue partner 
  • Strategies for guiding conversations and asserting your key points

Rhetoric & Confident Public Speaking
  • Speaking in front of an audience with self-assurance and the ability to captivate
  • Processing and refining content in a rhetorical way
  • Training nonverbal communication 

Argumentation & Productive Criticism

  • Finding and developing key arguments
  • Identifying and delivering consistent argument structures
  • Critical testing of opposing argumentation 

Civilized Disagreement & Constructive Dispute

  • Interacting productively in tense conversations
  • Non-argumentative handling of opposing positions 
  • Disagreeing agreeably by distinguishing between speaker and position 
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Innovative Methods: Three Pillars of TRES
Over and above regular training techniques, the trainers are specialized in three innovative training methods, which interlink research results and practical experience. All methods can be combined with each other:

1) Intensive Interval Training

The first concept combines short keynotes with according practical exercises in order to achieve a synergetic balance of theoretical input and practical training that is applicable to day-to-day business life. The concept is especially apt for training larger groups. In addition to this it offers great opportunities for productive networking.

2) Cooperative Training

The cooperative concept further enhances the intensity of the training by adding the chance to interact with two trainers. What is more, exercise methods that are not feasible in regular training concepts become possible.

3) Training & Coaching Hybrid 

The combination of a one or two day team training with an individual coaching of each participant perfectly highlights the strength of both methods. Any individual needs that appear during the team training can be assessed directly during the individual coaching.

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