Rhetorical Training

Conditions for effective rhetorical training and public speaking as based on modern empirical research and contemporary education principles: Some of my past work in this field includes the development of modern debate, declamation and disputation rules that match optimal rhetorical training with success in competitive settings. Those rule sets and adjudications criteria are now used in national academic competitions including the German national debating championships. Most of the findings are published in four rhetorical textbooks including the very successful Trainingsbuch Rhetorik published by UTB Schöningh one of the largest academic publishing houses in Germany. 

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Competitive Debate  [Published as: Debattierwettkampf]. 
In: Historisches Wörterbuch der Rhetorik [Historical Lexicon of Rhetoric]. Ed. by Gert Ueding. Vol. 10. Berlin et al: De Gruyter 2012. 197-204.


Evaluation of Rhetorical Training  [Published as: Evaluation von rhetorischem Training]. 
Co-authored with Tim-C. Bartsch & Bernd Rex. In: Rhetorische Wissenschaft: Rede und Argumentation in Theorie und Praxis. Ed. by Günther Kreuzbauer et al. Salzburg: Lit 2008.

The Role of Disputation in Modern Education.  
In: Paideia: Education in the Global Era. Vol. 1. Ed. by Konstantine Boudouris & Mikonja Knezevic. Athens: Ionia Publications 2008. pp. 88-94.

Combining Parliament and Public: The Open Parliamentary Debate. 
In: Frontiers of the 21st Century: Argumentation, Debate and the Struggle for a Civil Society. Ed. by Alfred C. Snider. New York: IDEA press 2008. pp. 173-186.


Dialectical Ideal and Dialectical Training. 
In: Proceedings of the fifth ISSA Conference on Argumentation. Ed. by Frans H. van Eemeren et al. Amsterdam: SicSat 2007. pp. 639-644.


Rhetorical Training: Between Agonistics and Realism  [Published as: Rhetorisches Training – Zwischen Agonalität und Realismus]. 
In: Der Macht die Worte. Ed. by Rouven Soudry. Bremen: Rolf Schmidt 2004. 
Re-published in: Rhetorik. Eine interdisziplinäre Einführung in die rhetorische Praxis. Ed. by Rouven Soudry. Heidelberg : Müller 2006. pp. 189-195.
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Convention of the National Communication Association (NCA)

Chicago (USA) 2007 – Debating fallacies: Responding to an Audience

Conference of the International Society for the Study of Argumentation (ISSA)

Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 2006 – Dialectical ideal and dialectical training

Salzburg-Tübinger Rhetorikgespräche [Salzburg-Tübingen Dialogues on Rhetoric]

Salzburg (Austria) 2007 – Kartographie der rhetorischen Fähigkeiten II – Wie kann man Trainingserfolg messen? [Evaluation of Efficiency in Rhetorical Training]

Salzburg (Austria) 2006 – Moderne Disputation als Schule der Argumentation [Modern Disputation as Argumentative Training]

Salzburg (Austria) 2005 – Debatte als rhetorische Übungsform - Geschichte und Gegenwart [Debating as a Rhetorical Training mode in History and Present]

International Conference on Argumentation, Rhetoric, Debate and the Pedagogy of Empowerment

Koper (Slovenia) 2006 –  Teaching Rhetoric in a Playful Way

Conference of the International Debate Education Association (IDEA)

Tallinn (Estonia) 2005 – Reviving Declamation

Istanbul (Turkey) 2004 – The Open Parliamentary Debate
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