Publications in  Detail: A Synoptic History of Classical Rhetoric
A Synoptic History of Classical Rhetoric
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Co-authored with James J. Murphy, Richard A. Katula, 4th ed. Mahwah et al.: Lawrence Erlbaum. Expected time of publication Spring 2013

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Continuing its tradition of providing students with a thorough review of ancient Greek and Roman rhetorical theory and practices, A Synoptic History of Classical Rhetoric is the premier text for undergraduate courses and graduate seminars in the history of rhetoric. Offering vivid examples of each classical rhetor, rhetorical period, and source text, students are led to understand rhetoric's role in the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Completley updated throughout, Part I of this new edition integrates new research and expanded footnotes and bibliographies for students to develop their own scholarship. Part II offers eight classical texts for reading, study, and criticism, and includes discussion questions and keys to the text in Part I. Also included are improved appendices for students to use as starting points for their own research: A Subject Outline for Future Study and A Basic Library for the Study of Classical Rhetoric.
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